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8mm Film Converted to DVD:


   Color Images Lab specializes in 8mm Film Conversions for Long Island. We have been converting 8mm Film to DVD since 1995. Whether you have Super 8, Regular 8, or Double 8, we can either Transfer your 8mm Film to DVD, or we can Digitize your 8mm Films, so that you can edit them on your own computer if you so desire. All we ask is that you number your rolls in the order that you would like to see them on your DVD or Digital Film Conversion. And we charge by the length of your Reels, so if you have 3 inch Reels, those are 50 feet long, 5 inch Reels are 200 feet long, and 7 inch Reels are 400 feet long. Please call for a quote or more info....And for a brief history on 8mm Film, please look below.....


 8 mm Film is a motion picture film format in which the filmstrip is eight millimeters wide. It exists in two main versions: the original "Standard" 8mm Film, (also known as Regular 8 or Double 8), and "Super" 8mm Film. Created by Kodak during the Great Depression, as a less expensive alternative to 16 mm Film, this 8mm Format immediately took off as the more popular film format. Let Color Images Lab convert your 8mm Film to DVD.


     For alternate films, please go to the following links on the left side of this page or call 631-584-5097                                                                                      


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Converting 8mm Film to VHS and DVD since 1992!



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