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The most accurate Giclee Printing on Long Island - Guaranteed!

Fine Art Reproductions, Printing on Canvas, Gallery Wraps and Art Papers



What is Archival Giclee Printing?

Giclee Prints are digital reproductions of original artwork, printed on 100% cotton canvas or watercolor paper, using special archival pigmented inks with a life span of over 100 years. We offer widths up to 44 inches and lengths up to 8 feet.


What makes Color Images Lab different?                                                           

 Color Images Lab has been reproducing artwork since 1992, longer than most of the establishments who are now printing giclees. And while most of these establishments scan your artwork, giving it a "flat" appearance, Color Images Lab professionally photographs your artwork instead. With this process, we light your artwork from 2 different angles. This way, the "relief" of your artwork is much more visible. The "hills and valleys" are much more prominent. 

 And because we have been in the "color correction business" for so long, we are more quickly able to make accurate color adjustments, and can coax the inks to their absolute limits when it comes to matching your original artwork.

 Last, but not least, Color Images Lab is strictly a Printing Operation. We are not an Art Gallery. Many places that offer Giclee Printing, also happen to be Art Galleries. As one might imagine, this may cause a conflict of interest for SOME in the industry to sell your work behind your back. We have seen it happen before, and rest assured, it won't happen here.


Photography and File Preparation of your Artwork

 This is a 2 part process we use to get to the end result: Your giclee prints.


Photography (Or Digital Capture)

 Color Images Lab will professionally light and photograph your artwork into a 16 Bit, 120 Megabyte, High Rez Digital Capture. The exposure on this digital capture will be perfect. You will recieve a CD of this image when we are done.

File Preparation - (Color Matching or "Proofing") 

 From this digital capture, Color Images Lab will make small test prints called "proofs" of your artwork. With each test, we will make adjustments to the color until we feel we have matched your original artwork. Once we get to this point, we would ask you to come in and approve the proof before we would proceed with your final print order. And at Color Images Lab, you deal directly with the person doing your printing.

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"The best photo lab on Long Island, perhaps in all of New York"






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