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Custom Color & B/W Printing
Poster Sized Photographs
Giclee Printing of Fine Art
Fine Art Scanning and Digital Capture
High-Rez Drum Scans of Film
Professional Photo Restoration
Video Transfers to DVD
Home Movies to DVD
Slides and Photos to DVD
VHS Tapes to DVD
8mm Film + 16mm Film to DVD
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Film Developing (To convert Slides or Negs to DVD, go here: Slides to DVD)



E-6 Pricing(Slide Developing)

35mm 10+ Rolls  $12.95 ea  
            5+ Rolls  $13.95 ea  
            2+ Rolls  $15.95 ea   
            1   Roll    $15.95  Add CD for $30.00 ea    
120 Format          $15.95  Add CD for $30.00 ea    
4x5 Format          $ 5.00    
B/W Processing    
35mm  $14.95 per roll    

        +   4x6 Prints .45 cents ea

 Add CD for $15.00      
120 Format         $15.95 ea  
        +  5x5 Prints  .95 cents ea  Add CD for $18.00  
C-41 Pricing (Color Negatives)      
35mm  $15.95 per roll    
        +   4x6 Prints .40 cents ea  
   Add CD for $15.00    
120 Format       $15.95 ea    
                     + 5x5 Prints .95 cents ea        Add CD for $15.00 


   OR, if you have slides or Negatives that are already developed, and you would like to see them on a DVD Slide show, or scan them so that you can make prints from them, please go here: Slides to DVD. Or, if you have large numbers of old Photographs, Color Images Lab can also put those on to DVD as well, either to view, or to make copies from. For more info, please go here: Photos to DVD.  



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